About Us

positive technologiesSince it’s founding in February of 2000, POSitive Technologies, Inc has focused on providing affordable, reliable and easy to use POS Systems to the restaurants in the areas around Portland, OR. In the intervening years, POSitive Technologies, Inc has provided services and equipment to over 250 restaurants in the community.

We pride ourselves in providing superior local representation and a complete POS System that is a fully integrated Windows-based system. Each system can be easily tailored for use in any sort of establishment from a four-star restaurant to a national pizza delivery chain. The software we represent is the most intuitive and easy-to-use application on the market today and an ideal solution for a vertical market where labor is characterized by high turnover and relatively low computer literacy.

Other POS products we represent allow restaurant owners to benefit from today’s cutting edge technologies. The Handheld POS System relies on either texting with the IPod touch or I Phone as well as handwriting recognition to create a POS System as easy to use as pencil and pad. Speaking of the IPhone, we can provide up to the minute information that will help control cost and increase revenue to most smart phones.

When it comes to hardware, POSitive Technologies, Inc recognizes that the foodservice industry requires rugged, top quality equipment and we offer our clients only those makes and models that we have evaluated according to foodservice standards. All hardware provided to the client is always staged, tested and burned in by POSitive Technologies, Inc before it is delivered to the client’s establishment.

At POSitive Technologies, Inc our main focus is not simply on selling POS Systems. The key to our business success lies in the installation, training, and support services we provide to our customers. Once we start to work with a customer, we strive to forge a long-term relationship by providing the systems and services the customer needs to make their business work. Just ask one of the satisfied customers listed on the client page!