Key Urbanspoon Rezbook Benefits:

  • Brand Recognition – #1 Dining Website and Mobile App for Consumers
  • Restaurants generally love Urbanspoon (because we are not just user reviews (like Yelp), we show social media, professional critics and vetted bloggers before the user reviews
  • Intuitive iPad Application for front of house
  • Unlimited access from iPads, computers, smart phones for 1 low fee (don’t pay per device) – with Back Office Solution
  • Free Integrated Reservations from your own website
  • We help get all your customer info out of OT and into Rezbook –or- if you have a diner database you’ve collected yourself, we can help get that in too!
  • Free Perks Promotion (drive diners to book off-peak, promote specials and events or anything that will encourage diners to book)
  • Simple Table / Walk-in / Waitlist Management (even notify your waitlist by sending a text through Rezbook)

For Paper Book restaurants:

  • Easy to implement, looks like the book
  • You can collect customer info like comment cards, web signups, etc
  • Reduces Phone Time by up to 75% by offering the ability for diners to book online
  • Build a comprehensive diner database for you and staff to easily access/recognize (preferences, allergies, birthdays, VIP)

For Opentable Customers:

  • How many covers per month do you get from OT (not counting your own website)?  ($1 per cover from OT, $.25 from the restaurants own website!)
  • Urban Spoon is free for your own website
  • How many access points do you have (terminals, licensing on laptops, etc…)? (generally $199 per terminal, $149  for each additional access)
  • Urban spoon is 1 charge unlimited devices