Point of Sale Software

Solutions for your Success


POSitive Technologies, Inc is a licensed local dealer of Restaurant Manager and PAR products. We work hard to make helpful suggestions about the best solution for your establishment. Contact us to speak with a trained technician about how we can solve your POS System needs. Listed below are notable features about each software solution:


Traditional POS


Cloud-Based POS



  • Real-time reporting service that collects data from the POS System and delivers it to designated smart phones
  • Overtime Alert warn you when an employee is nearing overtime
  • VIP Alert shows when a big spender has ordered in your restaurant
  • Void Alert identifies staff who void an unusually high amount of transactions

Online Ordering

  • Customers can place orders from mobile devices or mobile-friendly website on a computer or tablet
  • Eliminates ordering errors due to staff or customer miscommunication
  • Tracks menu statistics


  • Fully automated loyalty program that integrates with your POS System or mobile device
  • Promotions for your restaurant through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Customers can view their current point balance, rewards and future rewards
Cloud-Based Option

  • Data is safe, secure and accessible in the cloud
  • No back office server required
  • Continue to operate in “offline” mode when internet connection is lost

Reporting/Live Metrics

  • Available from FOH and BOH
  • Manage and generate reports for one or multiple locations
  • Over 150 reports available: Sales, Labor, Kitchen Performance etc.
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Employee time & attendance
  • Payroll integrations and labor scheduling


  • Available in-store, online or mobile at any location
  • Design promotions that are relevant and personal
  • Centrally configure promotions and deploy brand-wide

Online & Mobile Ordering

  • Manage your digital menu on the same database as your POS
  • Orders sent directly to the kitchen
  • Credit and Gift Card processing
  • Seamless loyalty integration