Surveillance Systems

Keep Your Restaurant Within View


With POSitive Technologies, Inc. security systems, you have the option to view video from security cameras from anywhere! Keep your bar and parking lot safe with our multi-camera systems, and view every camera feed on your mobile device. Using our DVRs, receive information from up to 256 security cameras.


Let POSitive Keep You Safe!



Camera System Our cameras offer high image resolution with versatility. Use the license plate tracker to follow a car in your parking lot or view the bar to keep your liquor safe. Compensation is made by these cameras to account for sudden bursts of light in a low-lit area or a reflection off of windows or doors.

Keep your establishment safe and secure with cameras that back up in case of power shortages and adjust to see the areas you are most concerned about.



DVR With the capability to receive information from up to 256 cameras, the possibilities are virtually endless. This non-Windows based product does not need updates and includes cameras that superimpose POS text over the incoming video to allow the viewer to see the data input in real time with the live video. This is useful for reducing employee transaction voids and undercharging. These DVRs have up to 24 outlets so you can view the entire restaurant from one area.