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Welcome to POSitive Technologies

A Note From The Founder

of POSitive Technologies Incorporated, Jim Gerow

Welcome to Team POSitive. That is what I like to think of our company and the people that work here, a positive team. When I started POSitive Technologies back in 2000, I thought a long time about the name. The name “POSitive Technologies” is more than just a play on the acronym for Point of Sale. It is an over-all philosophy I have about this company.

To me the word “positive” in our company name represents the environment I want to foster. I want a place that I feel excited and happy about going to work at every day. I want that same feeling for my employees and our clients. I believe that if we work together as a team with that positive attitude, we will provide a positive experience for our customers. If our customers share that experience, they will recommend us to others, providing more sales, work, and opportunities for us all. That is the on-going positive circle I envisioned.

In our website you will find information with the products and services that we offer. Please feel free to make an appointment to meet with us on our contact page.

Once again, welcome to POSitive Technologies and to Team POSitive.


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