The Art of the Tavern

Did you know the name “Tavern” comes from the Italian word “Tabernae”? Italian wine bars became popular almost 2,000 years ago and the Roman Army was a key contributor to the expanding idea of a shop that sold alcohol in the a town. Since the British were known for consuming ales, they borrowed the wine bar idea from the Italians and sold beer instead of wine. Almost 2,000 years later, the modern version of the Italian wine bar culture is evident in cities around the world with modern establishment names including the words “Tavern”, “Pub”, “Public House”, and “Alehouse”.

October 1st:

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Raising Awareness for Cyber Security

October marks national Cyber Security Awareness month and POSitive Technologies is excited to join in raising awareness through a fun and interactive experience for our customers.

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The Deck PDX


Here in the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia River serves as a beautiful border between Washington and Oregon. One local restaurant is taking advantage of the beauty of this 1,200 mile long river and using it as their establishment’s foundation. The Deck is a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoor breeze and a delicious meal. While dining on one of their two floating decks, customers can enjoy a meal of seafood, burgers, sandwiches and much more as they watch the sun set over the river.

In a recent survey, we asked our customers how they thought the quality of POSitive’s service is. Joyce Anderson of The Deck stated, “Jim and the entire staff are always honest and capable! I have told several restaurant people that what I like best about our POS system is that I can call when I need help and immediately get help and results! Problem fixed! This is a must in a busy restaurant! This is my 13th year and I have never been let down! Jim your team is a 10+++”.

POSitive Technologies is built on the foundation of 24/7 customer service. We would like to thank The Deck for going local and serving up delicious meals with a reliable POS system.

Thank you!

With the fast-paced lifestyle here in Portland, many people find it hard to find time to sit down and have a quality meal in an establishment. We know that you want to serve as many customers as possible. The solution? Increased take-out orders via online ordering.

To keep up with the innovative era we live in, it is imperative that restaurants adopt an online ordering systems. When orders are placed through this method, they are automatically entered into your POS system so all you need to know is in one place in real time.

POSitive Technologies offers POS systems with completely integrated online ordering solutions. These solutions are far less expensive on a per-order basis and completely avoid the need to re-enter the customer’s order into the POS system as required by phone orders.

Additional Benefits to Online Ordering:

  • Reduce Labor of taking orders by phone
  • Research shows online orders have a 20% higher ticket average
  • A customer can schedule the time for pickup thus increasing kitchen flow and efficiencies.
  • Different pricing and menu items available online vs. in store
  • Customers can pay in advance for orders

For more information and consultation on how an online ordering system can help your restaurant please contact POSitive Technologies.

Today we are featuring an establishment located just a few blocks down the road from POSitive headquarters. The Concordia Ale House is excited to announce their new menu to the public. Owner Monty Weschenfelder has been running this local ale house for over three years and is ready to introduce some delicious additions to Portland’s Concordia neighborhood. The modification to the old menu includes: new appetizers, higher quality ingredients, and revamped happy hour choices.

With about 30 local beers on draft, you can’t go wrong making this your next happy hour destination. While you enjoy a cold one, check out their “Crowler” canning machine and take home a 32 oz can of your favorite draft beer. You can’t go wrong pairing that with some of their new appetizers and the manager-recommended Ale House Pastrami Po’ Boy.

Thank you Concordia Ale House for introducing new flavors to a neighborhood staple. This establishment is ready to continue pleasing the stomachs of the community for years to come.

Photo Cred: Bethany Public House – Customer of POSitive Technologies, Inc. since their opening in 2014


Think about the last time you ate at a restaurant. Was every person at your table interacting with each other throughout the

whole meal? There is a high likelihood that at least one person was checking their phone constantly, another was scrolling through instagram, and another was sending snapchats repeatedly.

With all of the ways that technology is incorporated into our everyday lives, one place it is not welcomed is the dinner table. Bethany Public House in Portland’s Bethany district is offering a new approach to the way families spend their meal time.

These days, it seems that cell phones are present in every part of our lives. There is very little encouragement when it comes to promoting a face-to-face interactive environment. Enter Bethany Public House. According to local news station Fox 12 Oregon who covered the story on this innovative restaurant, “Owner Andre Jehan says on Sunday nights, he’s offering a 10-percent discount on meals if everyone at the table puts cellphones [sic] away,”


If families choose to participate, each person places their cell phone into a container on the table that is covered with a seal. “Anybody who breaks the seal pays for the meal,” says Jehan jokingly.

The inspiration for this idea started when Jehan (a customer of POSitive Technologies, Inc. since 2000) noticed how many families were distracted by their phones while dining at his restaurant. The new promotion stemmed from his desire to encourage customers to invest in family time. They are currently offering the discount to cell-phone-free tables during Sunday dinner only, but hope to extend that promotion to all of the days of the week in the future.

With a little bit of help from Bethany Public House, local families are spending their Sunday dinners enjoying quality face-to-face conversations.


Today’s spotlight takes us to Oregon City where a local restaurant owner is quite literally “on track” for a successful grand opening.

Brian Grant, owner of Coasters Brew Pub, is excited to announce that he will be opening a second location at the Oregon City Station along the Amtrak line. The new location, Coasters Crossing, will be a “burger, fish and chip joint,” according to Grant. He hopes the new restaurant will become a staple for train-goers and their families.

Any traveler headed south to Eugene or north to Seattle will be passing by Coasters Crossing. Grant hopes that people waiting for the train will pop into his restaurant and try out his delicious high-end bar food. The building that houses the new dining outlet used to be a train station in its former years. After being transported around Portland, it finally found its resting spot along the local Amtrak line.

An ode to the past mixed with the delicious “Coasters” menu will make it a staple for travelers and residents alike. Coasters Crossing is working hard to complete construction and hopes to open by the end of the month. The next time you’re in the area, go check out this at”track”tive restaurant.



October 30, 2017, 10:15pm

“So four months and a while ago I started a journey I didn’t want. I say this to remind myself that service, I believe, is what matters. This can come in many forms.
So when Mike and I reached a deal buy Ernesto’s it was time to transfer licenses, accounts etc. One company was unresponsive, to say the least. I am not going to mention names but it held the deal up. That company controlled the Point of Sale system.

In the weeks and months that followed, it got worse. Now this is the last thing I really wanted to buy as it is a big investment. Really I just want to serve great food to great people and support my team.

It finally came to a crossroads when said company told me; “Maybe I am not big enough to sell gift cards, I should probably sell gift certificates.”
Just wow!

Today I got an invoice from said company asking to extend their service contract. I was nice but brutally honest when I shared that today I was unplugging them and installing a new service. I suppose kudos they responded and let me know they had submitted my response to a manager and wished me well.

So now I want to talk about service. I interviewed 10 different companies and landed with a company called POSitive Technologies, here in Portland. Today they installed Restaurant Manager at Ernesto’s and I am pretty sure myself and my team will love it.

So why did I choose them?

  1. They ate in my restaurant. They introduced themselves after they had lunch in a low key way.
  2. They were up front on pricing. They had an honest price from day one.
  3. When I saw their demo it was catered to me and my restaurant.
  4. They added service. 3 years support end to end.
  5. They catered the system to my restaurant’s needs. Ernesto’s is a creative place, our guests like to customize their dining and I needed a stable integrated system not reliant but accessible by the cloud.

Last week they installed and allowed us a week test drive. Today we went live.
First impressions; I am so very proud of my crew, were there hiccups? Yes and they handled them and brought them up. They backed me here 100%.

Service from Positive has been outstanding. We had backup all day and more to come. Yes issues, but minor ones, fixed in the moment.
I love my job and appreciate partners like POSitive Technologies, who truly partner to make transitions seamless.”

Chris Wegner
Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant
8544 SW Apple Way
Portland, OR 97225
503 292-0119