Sell outside the 4 walls of your restaurant with online ordering

In the time of Covid-19 and restaurant ownership dealing with dining rooms being closed or open with very limited capacity, what can a restauranteur do to survive?  Implement online ordering!  We offer several POS products that have online ordering directly integrated into your POS.  Our POS products also have direct integrations with third party online ordering systems, so no more tablets cluttering up your counters.  Here are a few key takeaways for a good online ordering platform.

  • Revamp your restaurant website with clear direction to your online ordering menu
  • Use social media to promote your online ordering
  • Create impulse buys within your online ordering menu (desserts, growlers, bottles to go, etc.)
  • Use a QR code to make finding your online ordering site easy to find
  • Do not link third party online ordering platforms on your restaurant’s website (let them promote you, don’t promote them)

We at POSitive will help you with the transition to selling outside the four walls of your restaurant.