Our Services

POSitive Technologies Incorporated wants you to have a POSitive experience when it comes to your new POS purchase.  We are not satisfied until you are!

Database Development

Along with your collaboration our Team has the knowledge, experience and certifications to write the best database that operationally gives you the BEST results of using your POS. 

Staging of Hardware

Our technicians setup your POS hardware on our workbench and use your POS real-time.  This assures your POS is working when we install at your restaurant.  



Having full knowledge of your POS software will enable you to maximize your investment. You will learn about all the features and functions that directly help you manage your restaurant.  


We do not outsource to install your new POS!  Our team of installers work onsite with you to install you hardware and set-up your software.  


Our team stays onsite with you to assure that your POS functions real-time.  We work hand in hand with your servers, bartenders, cooks and management to answer any questions they might have about their new POS.  

Ongoing Support Services

24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year our help desk will give your operations support with your POS.  We have hardware monitoring tools to asses your hardware health. 

Our technicians can remotely dial into your POS to resolve most opportunities that arise in your operations.  Technicians can arrive onsite to asses and fix hardware and software opportunities.  

Interested in learning more?

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