The True Complete ALL-IN-ONE POS Solution

A POS system is an essential part of running any successful store in today's world, and can set your business up for success.


Optima APOS offers a fully featured POS system for a one-time purchase with lifetime updates included and no monthly fees that will instantly help improve your cash flow and long-term savings. Its modularized hardware design makes for easy maintenance and convenience with a loading mechanism that provides a fast paper roll replacement procedure. 


Sleek Portable hand held unit built for day to day business , ideal for business on the move! Optima's APOS-01® is embedded with our proprietary Android OS based Optima GoPOS® software and integrated with everything you need to meet multiple commercial needs including a powerful Qualcomm Processor, 6” Touch Screen, 2 1/4” Thermal Receipt Printer, WCDMA/3G, Bluetooth and WIFI and a charger dock station!


Optima's APOS-02® is the perfect choice for smaller business who want a sleek looking POS terminal integrated with everything you need combining reliability and mobility all in one. Optima's APOS-02® is embedded with our proprietary Android OS based Optima GoPOS® software and features a powerful Qualcomm Processor, 8” Touch Screen, 2 1/4” Thermal Receipt Printer, Multi-Line Customer Display, WCDMA/LTE, Bluetooth, WIFI and GPS.


The Optima APOS-05® is a true All-In-One POS Terminal equipped with a large 15.6” Touch Screen making it a great choice for medium and large commercial applications such as supermarkets, larger restaurants and retailers! The Optima APOS-05® features a Rockchip Processor, and large 10.1” color customer display, 3 1/8” Thermal Receipt Printer with fast paper roll replacement & Auto Cutter, Bluetooth, and WIFI.

We look forward to partnering with you and your business and providing you with the best Point of Sale System, Hardware/Software, Financing, Training, Education and Ongoing Support.

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