Wave of the Future: Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale Systems


Our reliance on digital technology is increasing at an exponential rate! For our customers in the hospitality industry, it is paramount to maintain competitiveness in the efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness of point-of-sale (POS) systems. Cloud-based technology has become essential in keeping up with the rapidly changing environment that is hospitality management. With solutions from POSitive Technologies, Inc. our customers are able to keep up with the fast-paced environment and access their information remotely from anywhere in the world! Included in a cloud-based POS system are these amazing benefits:

  • Real time access to POS data from any location with internet connection
  • Decreased downtime during software/application updates to keep your operations running at full speed as much as possible
  • Optimization of daily operations with data displays and visibility throughout the day
  • Mobility of the POS as employees can take tableside orders and payments on a tablet anywhere in the establishment
  • Centralized data across multi-unit restaurant/retail concepts allowing management one easily accessible platform to gather information
  • Data and PCI security with restoration and synchronous capabilities in the event of deletion or power outages
  • Ability to add locations to cloud network
  • No wait time for software/applications as the system can be accessed remotely

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