Eye in the Sky!


Did you know that POSitive Technologies not only supports restaurant and retail POS?  We also sell, install and support security cameras.  These are very powerful tools when it comes to the safety and security of your establishment!

  • See real time what the happenings in your place of business
  • Protection from fraud in public areas with insurance claims
  • Increase the quality of the customer experience
  • Prevention of loss and control of costs
  • License plate recognition in case of robbery
  • Cloud and native storage for video backup
  • Transaction data with POS integration to stop employee cash and food theft
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Increase training effectiveness
  • Intuitive apps to see video and transactions anywhere on earth

With our camera and business monitoring systems one can be assured their business upside.  Please contact us for more information or when you are ready for a demo.  #ltssecurity #getsavi #securitysystems #surveillance