“I believe that Service is what matters” by Chris Wegner, Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant

October 30, 2017, 10:15pm

“So four months and a while ago I started a journey I didn’t want. I say this to remind myself that service, I believe, is what matters. This can come in many forms.
So when Mike and I reached a deal buy Ernesto’s it was time to transfer licenses, accounts etc. One company was unresponsive, to say the least. I am not going to mention names but it held the deal up. That company controlled the Point of Sale system.

In the weeks and months that followed, it got worse. Now this is the last thing I really wanted to buy as it is a big investment. Really I just want to serve great food to great people and support my team.

It finally came to a crossroads when said company told me; “Maybe I am not big enough to sell gift cards, I should probably sell gift certificates.”
Just wow!

Today I got an invoice from said company asking to extend their service contract. I was nice but brutally honest when I shared that today I was unplugging them and installing a new service. I suppose kudos they responded and let me know they had submitted my response to a manager and wished me well.

So now I want to talk about service. I interviewed 10 different companies and landed with a company called POSitive Technologies, here in Portland. Today they installed Restaurant Manager at Ernesto’s and I am pretty sure myself and my team will love it.

So why did I choose them?

  1. They ate in my restaurant. They introduced themselves after they had lunch in a low key way.
  2. They were up front on pricing. They had an honest price from day one.
  3. When I saw their demo it was catered to me and my restaurant.
  4. They added service. 3 years support end to end.
  5. They catered the system to my restaurant’s needs. Ernesto’s is a creative place, our guests like to customize their dining and I needed a stable integrated system not reliant but accessible by the cloud.

Last week they installed and allowed us a week test drive. Today we went live.
First impressions; I am so very proud of my crew, were there hiccups? Yes and they handled them and brought them up. They backed me here 100%.

Service from Positive has been outstanding. We had backup all day and more to come. Yes issues, but minor ones, fixed in the moment.
I love my job and appreciate partners like POSitive Technologies, who truly partner to make transitions seamless.”

Chris Wegner
Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant
8544 SW Apple Way
Portland, OR 97225
503 292-0119
[email protected]


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