Online Ordering Equals Increased Revenue


With the fast-paced lifestyle here in Portland, many people find it hard to find time to sit down and have a quality meal in an establishment. We know that you want to serve as many customers as possible. The solution? Increased take-out orders via online ordering.

To keep up with the innovative era we live in, it is imperative that restaurants adopt an online ordering systems. When orders are placed through this method, they are automatically entered into your POS system so all you need to know is in one place in real time.

POSitive Technologies offers POS systems with completely integrated online ordering solutions. These solutions are far less expensive on a per-order basis and completely avoid the need to re-enter the customer’s order into the POS system as required by phone orders.

Additional Benefits to Online Ordering:

  • Reduce Labor of taking orders by phone
  • Research shows online orders have a 20% higher ticket average
  • A customer can schedule the time for pickup thus increasing kitchen flow and efficiencies.
  • Different pricing and menu items available online vs. in store
  • Customers can pay in advance for orders

For more information and consultation on how an online ordering system can help your restaurant please contact POSitive Technologies.